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Maigrir durablement Methode Meer

Lose weight for good without dieting.

The solution starts in your mind, not on your plate!
Understand and change the behaviours that drive you to eat more and/or build up fat storages

Lose weight for good without dieting. Understand the root causes of weight gain to counter it effectively and permanently. Méthode Meer® offers a programme for losing weight for good without dieting, taking medication or using food substitutes.

Méthode Meer® focuses on working on eating disorders by decoding the reactions that drive people to eat more or build up and store excess fat. The reasons for such behaviour

lie in the mind. Understanding how this happens makes you stop using food to satisfy other types of emotional needs.

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Food is not the real issue

The belief that excess weight is only about an inappropriate diet is far too simplistic.

The nutritional content of food is not really the problem, what matters is the part played by food. Excess weight is not just a food issue. Neuroscience and cellular anthropology (science that measures the origins and forms of cells to determine their transgenerational adaptations) shed light on the evolution of the human species and the role of excess weight, which has become a major social phenomenon.

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The foundations of Méthode Meer

Working on the causes of weight gain Changing diet, restricting food intake or using Read More

How Méthode Meer works

Nutrition and behaviour Lose weight for good without dieting. Understand the root causes of Read More
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