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How Méthode Meer works

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Lose weight for good without dieting. Understand the root causes of weight gain to counter it effectively and permanently.
Méthode Meer® offers a programme for losing weight for good without dieting, taking medication or using food substitutes.

The work focuses on eating disorders by decoding the reactions that drive people to eat when they would not want to do so.

It frees the mind from eating obsessions, frustration and eating-related guilt and allows you to come to terms with food.

The goal of Méthode Meer® is to make you feel lighter, and generally feel good about your body and enjoy your life. No longer being obsessed with meals and trimming your figure, being able to shop for new clothes and dress according to your moods without thinking of your weight, enjoying your social life… all this and so much more becomes possible with Méthode Meer®.

Losing weight and keeping it off

Méthode Meer® can be divided into three phases.

These are essential for lasting weight loss. It is not enough to understand eating behaviours because understanding “why” does not tell you “how” to kick the food addiction.

Decoding eating behaviours that drive people to eat is therefore done in stages and involves going through the different phases of the method. They come together to change eating behaviour and help you decode the behaviours that drive you to eat.

Nutrition coaching primarily involves learning to manage conscious and unconscious stress

Managing conscious and unconscious stress: an exclusive approach developed by Méthode Meer®

As described earlier, weight gain is the result of several concomitant phenomena that originate in cellular memory, through epigenetic transmission. Inherited, learned and experienced behaviours generate needs for protection and comfort, and in the context of excess weight, food steps in to fulfil those needs.

There is no quick way to lose weight forever, because the excess weight is there for a reason and shedding it quickly is extremely violent for the body, which no longer feels secure. That can explain why the pounds come back on just as fast. The famed stabilisation phase, which is only experienced by very few people, exists in a theory that has never been proven. Weight must only be lost at the speed at which the mind can let it go. For some people, that may be fairly fast, but nobody can say how you will react.

However, one thing is certain, with Méthode Meer® accredited nutrition coaching, people eventually lighten up their lives by dropping extra pounds in 95% of cases.


Excess weight and epigenetic

  • Phase 1

    Learning to eat once again

    Understanding and changing eating behaviour. Eating what you want, with no frustration or guilt. That also means learning to change your relationship to food.

    Learning to eat once again according to your instincts.

    Before looking at the main cause of excess body weight, the focus should be on changing food beliefs and eating behaviour. Behaviour is not about eating a balanced diet, nor is it about fussing over what is on your plate. Rather, it refers to learning to know when to eat and eating what your instincts tell you to eat. This is the starting point for getting back to a balanced weight.

  • Phase 2

    Crisis management

    Even before the root causes of weight gain are addressed, it is important to learn how to defuse compulsive and/or binge eating.

    Some people experience episodes when they crave food irresistibly. Such people are not all overweight (vomiting). With Méthode Meer® protocol, these behaviours can be stopped quickly and easily. The phenomenon must be understood, because willpower is not enough. The cravings stop in a few sessions.

  • Phase 3

    Losing weight forever

    Understanding and remedying the root causes of weight gain, namely conscious and unconscious stresses, so that they are no longer compensated for by food.

    Changing your eating behaviour permanently.

    Therapeutic methods based solely on eating behaviour neglect the fact that as human beings, we have a “super brain” and that our social behaviour plays a major role in weight gain. Indeed, one is not overweight just because one has a sweet tooth or a taste for savoury snacks. The important thing is to understand the role that food plays in social behaviour.

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