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Management protocol by an approved Méthod Meer slimming coach

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Sessions with a nutrition coach

The venue of sessions is determined by mutual agreement between the client and the approved Méthode Meer® nutrition coach. Sessions may take place in the nutrition coach’s office, or in the pupil’s home or workplace. They can also be held over the telephone or by Skype.

A first interview with a certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coach, called “session zero” or “discovery session” is offered at a discount rate. It does not involve any financial commitment to carry on with the course, and aims to show how the method is applied, to enable the future pupil to see if it is suited to them. The feasibility and number of initial sessions are determined at the first meeting. The sessions take place every month, with an individual session of 1.5 hours and contact throughout the month (by phone, email, SMS text, etc.). Sessions take the form of individual meetings with a certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coach.

Duration of the course with an approved Méthode Meer® nutrition coach

Depending on the amount of weight you need to lose, support with a certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coach is spread over 5 or 10 months, and can sometimes be extended by a few sessions.

Signing of a reciprocal commitment agreement

The number of sessions is determined before the start of the treatment by the approved Méthode Meer® nutrition coach and can be extended if necessary. The Méthode Meer® is formalised in an agreement that provides mutual commitments to achieve the weight loss goal. The predetermined number of sessions is 5 or 10, and the inclusive sum is payable in advance with the possibility of a payment schedule.


The prices for sessions with a certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coach have deliberately not been published on this site.
Neuro-behavioural nutrition® and nutrition coaching is an individualised approach that requires a preliminary interview with a certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coach during the one-hour discovery session, in order to determine the number of sessions and therefore the price of the course.


Code of ethics of the nutrition coach


The method for losing weight for good: discipline and effectiveness

This code of ethics aims to define the rules for professionals, the men and women who practise the profession of neuro-behavioural nutrition® and nutrition coach.

The primary purpose is to protect the public from the improper use of coaching methods or techniques and from practitioners abusively claiming to practise professional activities known as psychology or psychotherapy.

Neuro-behavioural nutrition® and nutrition coaching is neither counselling nor therapy. It allows the coach to address all aspects of the clients personal and professional life that they wish to discuss. Méthode Meer® is not a diet, it is a behavioural method that helps the person being coached lose weight and keep it off. The method does not involve avoiding any foods or taking any food substitutes or drugs.

Méthode Meer certified nutrition coach® is not a doctor, but a service provider.

The aim is therefore not to offer medical treatment but one-on-one support.

The aim of Méthode Meer® is to gradually break down all the mechanisms of weight gain and implement a winning life strategy to lose weight and keep it off. It is not about psychology or psychotherapy. The aim is not to understand the “whys and wherefores” of the actions or reactions that inevitably drive a person to eat compulsively, but rather to identify and modify all disordered behaviours in order to live a “lighter” life.

Méthode Meer® certified nutrition coach acts in compliance with public health laws governing natural therapies.
They have a duty to provide their clients with all useful information concerning the Méthode Meer® approach. The nutrition coach gives clear information about the characteristics and limits of Méthode Meer®.

Article 1. Practice of neuro-behavioural nutrition® coaches
Certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coaches consciously take it upon themselves to practise on the basis of their training, experience and permanent supervision.

Article 2. Confidentiality
Neuro-behavioural nutrition ® coaches are bound by professional secrecy and may not, unless requested in writing by the client, disclose any information about the client, the sessions or any other information concerning the client’s professional or personal life.

Article 3. Respect for the individual
Certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coaches are aware of their position and refrain from exercising any abuse of power.

Article 4. Best-efforts obligation
The neuro-behavioural nutrition® coach makes all the efforts required to further the personal and professional development of their clients, as requested by them. If needed they, may ask for help from a colleague.

Article 5. Refusal of care
The approved Méthode Meer® nutrition coach reserves the right to refuse to accept a client for reasons specific to the organisation, the requester or the coach.

Article 6. Venue of sessions
The certified Méthode Meer® nutrition coach must be attentive to the meaning and effects of the place where the sessions take place.

Article 7. Responsibility for decisions
Neuro-behavioural nutrition® and nutrition coaching is a method of personal development. As a result, the client bears the responsibility for all their decisions.



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